Spring Luncheon

postponed to October 2020

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Harold and Theodora Niver

An Afternoon With The Gillettes

 Not only do Harold and Theodora Niver talk about William & Helen Gillette, they become the Gillettes. Flitting back and forth between being presenters and portrayers.

 Who was William Gillette? What was his connection to the greatest fictional detective of all time? Was Sherlock Holmes fact…or fiction? What is the story behind the image of Holmes…the cap…the pipe…the lens?

You will learn about Gillette Castle in East Haddam. What famous people visited the Castle? You will learn about Gillette’s greatest love – his wife Helen. And, for you cat lovers, you will learn about Will’s love of cats.

 Their costuming is authentic and period correct. Their knowledge of Sherlock Holmes, William Gillette and Gillette Castle is extensive. Because of their distinctive home which is built around a Holmes theme, they have been in such magazines as US, SMITHSONIAN, FORTUNE, CONNECTICUT and YANKEE. TV segments include PM Magazine, ABC News and CBS. 

 Prepare to be educated and entertained!